5 Incredible Stats About Coworking That Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Worked From Home

The phenomenon that is coworking has taken off in recent years, with companies such as AllWorkhailing it the ‘new normal’. Coworking is the alternative to working in an office or from home. Popular amongst freelancers and start-ups, members of coworking spaces pay to have a desk in a shared ‘office’, which allows them to bring structure to their working life while also maintaining flexibility.


Still not convinced? Let these stats do the talking.


  1. Coworking spaces are increasing in both demand and supply. AllWorkhas reported that shared workspaces have seen a 200% growth in the past 5 years and account for 7 million square feetin central London alone.


  1. In a study reported by Office Vibe, 90% of respondents reported feeling more confidentwhen coworking.


  1. In the same study, 91% of co-workers reported better interactionswith others after coworking


  1. According to The Work Loft, opting for a coworking space can reduce a company’s expenditureby 75%, while a separate survey by Office Vibesaw 50% of respondents reporting higher incomes.


  1. In an article by Harvard Business Review, members of coworking spaces were found to thrivemore than their office-working counterparts, averaging at least a point higher on a 7-point scale.


So, whether you’re looking to gain confidence, meet like-minded people or give your productivity a boost, the solution lies in coworking. At The Wheelhouse, we understand that the space you work in is crucial to productivity, and work hard to create the right environment for our coworkers to thrive. So, ditch the days of working from home and join the movement into shared working environments that lend themselves to more productive, more rewarding working days.




About the author

Alex is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Wheelhouse.