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Benefits of Coworking Space

The Benefits of Using a Co-Working Space

Thinking about joining a co-working space but not sure if it’s right for you?  There is proven research showing that co-working is beneficial to productivity and fulfillment in the workplace. Surveys by the Harvard Business Review show why you should join The Wheelhouse.


People who were part of co-working spaces reported, on average, a 6 out of 7 when asked how much they were thriving. 


People in co-working spaces reported that they found a strong sense of identity in their work – here’s why:

Since there is such a diversity of enterprises that work from co-working spaces – everyone is working on unique projects and enterprises –  people feel that they don’t have to put on a “work-personality” when coming into work. They can be themselves.

Co-working spaces foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork, and people from different specializations often tend to help each other out when they’re stuck. 

Co-working spaces in general have a mission of collaboration, community, learning and sustainability. The Wheelhouse certainly does – we care about our members, and we provide them with a framework for success.


Co-working spaces are flexible, and you can come and go as you please. Whether you want to work a full day or just come in for certain hours of the week, it’s up to you. 


At the Wheelhouse, we host breakfasts, lunches and other networking events to get you plugged in with the community here. Whether you’re a freelancer who would rather hunker down and get things done, or part of a team who wants make connections in the local community, at the Wheelhouse you have flexibility and choice.


An all-in-one cost – no hidden extras.  Rent, rates, utilities, wifi, coffee, cleaning – it’s all wrapped into one simple low-cost payment – a savvy choice.


We hear this from our members again and again.  Far better for well-being to be in The Wheelhouse than in a cramped coffee shop or a lonely house.