FAQs: The Wheelhouse @ Angel Court

Q: Are there any hot-desking areas?
A: There is a small hangout area for guests and temporary hot-desking.

Q: Are there bike racks?
A: Yes, plenty. There are even a few sheltered ones!

Q: Are there kitchen facilities?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there parking facilities?
A: The sites are selected for easy access by public transport and bike racks will be provided at suitable sites.

Q: Are there tea and coffee facilities?
A: Yes, a top of the range coffee machine is provided with Quarter Horse beans provided free of charge (we know how crucial coffee is!)

Q: Are utilities and internet included in the price?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I bring my desktop ?
A: Yes, but left overnight at your own risk.

Q: Can I bring my own chair?
A: Yes but shiny new ergonomic chairs will be provided.

Q: Can I deliver mail?
A: Yes we have pigeon holes.

Q: How late is the Angel Court office open?
A: 24 hours a day.

Q: How many meeting rooms does Angel Court have?
A: Currently two. 

Q: How many people can fit into the meeting rooms?
A: 10, unless you want to get friendly.

Q: Is there an outside space?
A: Yes there is a lovely little courtyard.

Q: Is filing space provided?
A: Yes 

Q: Is printing available at Angel Court?
A: Yes, there will be a printer/copier in the space.

Q: Is Wifi provided?
A: Yes, top of the range fibre-optic Wifi is included within the monthly fee.

Q: What security is in place at Angel Court?
A: We have a door entry system and CCTV set up in the workspace.

Q: What's the maximum number of desks per company?
A: Anywhere from 1 to 6 of you is brilliant.

Q: Whats the minimum contract length?
A: One month.

FAQs: The Wheelhouse @ The Globe

Q. Isn’t The Globe a bistro?
A. By night The Globe is a brilliant neighbourhood bistro – but by day it is a friendly shared workspace - the perfect place to do good work.  

Q. How is it different to a regular coffee shop?
A. The atmosphere will be calm and welcoming. There will be free coffee and tea. You can stay for as long as you want – no need to nurse a cold cup of coffee. You can freely have your laptop and papers laid out, have phone calls and small meetings.

Q. How does membership work?
A. To be part of the Wheelhouse community of events and socials, then a 50 hour or 100 hour per month membership is best.

Q. How do you track when I’m there?
A. We have a top of the range check-in and out system – so it’s all really easy.

Q. Is there wifi?
A. Of course!

Q. What kind of coffee do you use?

A. We use filter coffee from Oxford's famous roastery Missing Bean

Q. Is there a meeting room?
A. There is one large meeting room that can be booked for an extra fee. The meeting room £30/hr or £25/hr for members.

Q. Finally, why are you called The Wheelhouse?
A. We were inspired by the window at Angel Court – and we love the meaning:


the part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel
(idiom) “it’s in my wheelhouse” – within one’s area of expertise and interest