Local friendly coworking

Got spare space?

Have under-utilised space and want to turn it into revenue? Become a Wheelhouse co-working space for local small businesses and freelancers.

You have

  • A light and airy space
  • Desks or tables and chairs
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Someone to show prospective people around

We have

  • A well-loved brand known for local, friendly, coworking
  • Sales generation and processing
  • Call handling, chatbot and CRM service
  • Full Billing and invoicing capabilities
  • Marketing on the website and social media
  • Training and manuals for running a successful space

Why choose The Wheelhouse?

  • Experience in running co-working spaces around the country
  • 100% of Wheelhouse members would recommend The Wheelhouse (March online survey)
  • 9/10 rating for ‘The Wheelhouse is helpful and friendly’

What does it cost?

  • We keep costs low – a small monthly fee for our support services and % commission on sales we generate (the lowest average for all platform sites)

No long-term commitment

  • Give us a try – if it works for you, great – if it doesn’t then we won’t tie you into long contracts.

Open in less than a month

  • We are nimble and ready to go so we can get you set up and generating revenue in less than a month!


Give us a call to find out more 01865 920999 or email [email protected] – we respond really quickly.