Angel Court Pricing.

For a dedicated desk available 24/7, access to meeting rooms and all amenities.

Standard                                                £250 p/m + VAT

Minimum 6 month contract                   £225 p/m + VAT

Community interest group rate             £225 p/m + VAT

Registered charity rate                         £200 p/m + VAT


The Globe Pricing.

For a hotdesk, with opening hours 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday.  Free tea/coffee.

Two Wheeler             30 hours anytime across a month             £50/month & VAT

Three Wheeler          50hrs of use anytime across a month       £80/month & VAT

Four Wheeler            100 hrs of use anytime across month        £140/month & VAT

Off Roader                Unlimited use whenever we're open         £175/month & VAT