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A desirable Oxford address & mail handling service at a level that works for you

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The Wheelhouse
Angel Court
81 St Clement’s St

Why choose our service?

  • A desirable professional address in Oxford
  • An efficient and friendly service
  • Run by our lovely team in Angel Court – so you know your post is in safe hands – not an anonymous system
  • Pricing options below
Registered Address
and Mail Handling

Payment Option 1

£279 & VAT Annual Payment

Core service up to 50 items of post per year

Payment Option 2

£29.95 +VAT Monthly Payment (12 month minimum term)

Core service up to 50 items of post per year

 50-100 pieces of post

Plus £50 per annum

Scanning additional to sending by post

Plus £7 per month

Plus Directors Address

Plus £15 per month

How it works

Fill in our simple form and provide ID, we go through a Due Diligence process, you hear back within the week!

Then you can use The Wheelhouse as your address with HMRC, the bank and other important people.

We’ll receive mail to The Wheelhouse Angel Court, we then efficiently scan to you and post OR we can just post unopened.

The Wheelhouse Group Limited is supervised and regulated by HMRC under Anti-Money Laundering Supervision to provide Company and Trust Services (Registration XWML00000138069). By signing up for The Wheelhouse Registered Address service, you agree to our Terms & Conditions which we will provide.


What is a Director’s Address?

A director’s address is an official posting address for any directors of your company. Your registered address post should only include letters from HMRC and official letters addressed to your company, your director’s address can receive post like bank statements and personal correspondence addressed to your name.

How does the service work?

Once you have completed the due diligence process you will be able to use your new address. The service works by you using our address, your post is sent to our headquarters in Oxford and hand-sorted by our service manager.

Every two weeks your post is popped into an envelope and forwarded to you via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. If you select any ad-ons to your service then this may be slightly different, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

How long will it take to set up?

Standard set up takes 3-5 business days. If you select a start date over 3 weeks away then we will set up your account in the 3-5 days before your start date.

Can I register more than one company?

Absolutely! And if the directors & post forwarding address are the same for both companies then we will only charge you one fee 😊

What's included?

Our basic plan includes a desirable Oxford address, fortnightly mail handling and forwarding, and discounts on meeting rooms in Oxford. Ad-ons are available at your discretion.

How often do I pay?

Our service is charged yearly, with a one month notice period required prior to the renewal date to cancel. You may choose to pay monthly, but the minimum term is still 12 months.

What if I need something scanned urgently?

Just let us know! Our lovely service manager is always on hand to help. You will receive her details when your account is set up.

Is my spam mail filtered out?

Yes, our service manager hand sorts your mail every week and she has a keen eye for spam!

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