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10 Reasons I hate working from coffee shops - The Wheelhouses

10 Reasons I hate working from coffee shops

Table is either too small or too round for the laptop.

Seat next to the plug is taken.

Should I be bothered by the security alert popping up as I log onto wifi…

I need to make a phone call and it’s just too noisy.

Yes, that coffee machine is ridiculously noisy.

I need to go to the toilet, have to pack up my laptop and leave least valuable thing on chair.

Distracted by a woman trying to get an enormous buggy in the door.

I need to get another coffee, can I do that and keep an eye on my laptop at the same time?

Finished my coffee, how long can I wait before having to buy another coffee I don’t really want.

90 minutes in, probably should move on, that was meant to be a morning’s work…

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