Introducing a new team member to The Wheelhouse!

 At The Wheelhouse we want you and your business to flourish.  We’re aware that times are strange and difficult for many at the moment so we are really delighted to welcome Matt to The Wheelhouse team to be an extra support and listening ear for our members and team…Introducing Matt Jeffrey – The Wheelhouse Chaplain!

 1. The Wheelhouse Chaplain…what’s that? 

You may have come across a Chaplain connected to your local hospital or in the Armed Forces, but you may not have realised that chaplaincy is also offered to those in Business and Industry. 

 2. When would I contact you? 

That’s totally up to you.  As Chaplains we are just as content to hear about the lighter moments of life, or instead, the deeper matters, perhaps the challenges of negotiating new business, fears about taking on something new, struggles with colleagues, home life concerns, loneliness, health matters. 

We simply seek to care and offer you time and our presence.

3. Will I be Bible bashed?

No… We will NEVER preach or seek to convert anyone. It is vital to understand that Chaplaincy is about YOU and not us.

4. “Who are ya…Who are ya?”

Some Chaplains are church leaders, whilst others have had their own business and industry experience and are now trained volunteers wanting to offer back their knowledge and understanding.  They know the immense pressures and responsibilities, as well as joys, of work-life. We are connected together through a local charity called Workcare (Coventry and Warwickshire).

Matt Jeffrey – The Wheelhouse Chaplain

5. Isn’t this counselling? 

Chaplaincy is not counselling but rather a helpful, friendly listening ear. We make suggestions or offer referrals to other helpful support, but work totally confidentially, aside from the reportable matters with regard to the safeguarding of yourself or others. 

6. Where else do you offer Chaplaincy?

We have Chaplains based in lots of different local Business, Industry and Blue-Light settings. These include The Ricoh Arena, Jaguar Land Rover, Nuneaton Market, National Express, Warwick Town Council, the Fire Services, along with small Business units, in both the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

7. Anything else?

We are here for you and everyone, no matter what belief or non-belief, faith or non-faith background.  It is our pleasure to simply seek to be a positive and healthy influence in your place of work, and for your business and life.

I live in Coventry so I’ll be available to meet for tea or coffee at The Wheelhouse Coventry but even if you are based at a different venue – please do get in touch!

Mobile 024 7509 1142

Many thanks and peace, both to you and through you.

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