How to increase productivity at work

It can be hard to stay productive throughout the day and not experience dips in productivity, this is especially during summer months when temperatures get warmer and the likelihood of experiencing fatigue and exhaustion also increase.

Here we have collected the best tips to keep you feel more refreshed and energized whether through a normal working day or on those days when you have to work for longer periods.

Here are some helpful tips.

  • Hydration is key, stay hydrated!

This might seem like an obvious one, but it can be easy to forget to hydrate during a busy day. Nutritionists currently recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day to keep mental fogginess at bay.

Staying hydrated throughout the day is beneficial for a multitude of reasons; firstly, if you are working in an office environment or during the heat your body can lose fluids through perspiration and dry air in office or air-conditioned environments. Drinking diuretics like coffee and energy drinks can further enhance the side effects of dehydration, for example, mental fogginess, lethargy, low mood, and demotivation.

Therefore, experts recommend staying hydrated throughout the day to sustain mental sharpness and energy.

  • Snack on fruit, veggies, and nuts.

Eating foods that are rich in vitamin C are immune boosters and aid in feeling awake and refreshed. Moreover, the omega’s found in nuts are brain foods that help in lowering blood pressure and immune function.

  • Wear comfortable and lightweight clothes.

This one might sound strange but wearing lightweight and comfortable clothing is one way to eliminate distractions and help you work better. If you are someone who wears semi-formal or formal attire, opt for cotton and linen fabrics to help you feel cooler and more comfortable when sat for long periods.

  • Take small but regular breaks.

Short integrated breaks help stop the feelings associated with burnout; studies show that a 15-minute break each hour can increase levels of creativity. A recent Harvard study found that short walks outside release brain chemicals that help the brain with concentration, so take a short walk if you feel yourself feeling a slump.

(Pictured is our Loft location in central Oxford)
  • Work next to natural light.

Working near natural lighting is extremely productive for our body’s natural circadian rhythm, as our internal clock responds to light exposure, working in light and airy spaces help in feeling more awake and alert.

All our Co-working spaces aim to incorporate natural daylight and you will find that our spaces are light and airy, the perfect environment to help you feel awake and ready to work.

If you are working from home aim to work near a big window or in places where light is let in otherwise you might find yourself feeling drowsy as our bodies naturally assume resting hours in dimly lit or dark areas.

If you wish to enquire about our co-working spaces please email or call to book a free day for you and a friend.

Disclaimer: All our workspaces are cleaned regularly, using non-abrasive cleaning products and are well-ventilated to meet government Covid-19 requirements, please note that desks will also be socially distanced until these guidelines change.

About the author

Alex is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Wheelhouse.