Why positivity is linked to success

Positivity has been shown to correlate with productivity

In a post pandemic world many of us have put wellbeing at the forefront of our personal and work life or have at least strived to find more ways to experience more positivity in our everyday lives.

Many companies and small teams are also making a conscious effort to check in with employees. In this article we have comprised some small ways that you can boost your mood now, check them out below.

Celebrate a small achievement

If a member of your team has achieved something we thinks it’s great to reward them! Our team likes to start every weekly meeting commending individual achievements throughout the week or celebrating a big achievement with a team dinner.

If you work autonomously, you and you have managed to successfully complete a project or task that you feel proud of, reward yourself with a treat!

Get a Walk in your day

This seems to be a favorite for many of our team members, whether it is your walking commute to work or a quick walk to get coffee during lunchtime, fresh air and exercise has been shown to increase mood and lower feelings of anxiousness.

Eat a mood boosting snack

Certain foods have serotonin inducing properties (the happy hormone) such as fresh fruit like banana, as well as most nuts and seeds and even dark chocolate! so keep these at your desk while working for a quick mood fix (and healthy snack!).

Clear your desk

Organizing your workspace has been shown to provide mental clarity, according to Verywellmind cleaning can make it easier to clear your thought process and come up with new and creative ideas as well decreasing anxiety, so be sure to try this clever trick. Bright colours have also been known to improve mood, so do add plants and bright objects as additions to your desk.

Take some time out

If all else fails, prioritize some time during the day where you take some me time and do something you enjoy, whether this is sitting in a local café for a moment, or reading your favourite book.

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About the author

Alex is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Wheelhouse.