The data is in from MIT – you’re 20% more productive in a coworking space than at home

Research conducted by a team at MIT in 2024 examined the impact of workspace environment on task completion rates among remote workers. The study, which utilized advanced monitoring technology to track work patterns (this means it tracks what you actually do, rather than what you like to think you’re doing!), found that individuals working in coworking spaces demonstrated a 20% higher task completion rate compared to those working from home.

The conducive work environment, social support network, and sense of community in coworking offices were identified as factors driving the observed productivity improvements. (No surprises for Wheelhouse members in that).

Separating work and personal life reduces distraction – tell me something I don’t know…

A survey conducted by a remote work consultancy firm in 2024 examined time management and focus levels among remote workers in different work settings. The study found that individuals working in coworking spaces reported better time management skills and higher levels of focus compared to those working from home.

The structured work environment, separation of work and personal life, and reduced household distractions were cited as reasons for the improved time management and focus observed in coworking offices.

No-one likes an expensive and long commute to a head office.  But working with others helps us to flourish.  That’s what we believe and see at The Wheelhouse.  And that’s what the studies say too.

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