Why the use of coworking has surged in recent years


Coworking is no longer synonymous with small tech startups and solo entrepreneurs but now is increasingly desirable for hybrid and remote workers, both of which have surged post-pandemic.


Flexible work structures

With many companies forced to adapt to remote working, several firms have altered their working models for good. With reports of higher productivity from their employees and staff, some companies are continuing to offer their employees flexible and remote working options.

Flexible working is a huge tool companies can use to leverage, particularly during their hiring process. Moreover, it can benefit employer sa it permits sourcing the best candidates for the role despite location.

Many of which are choosing to use coworking spaces to work and meet in small teams.


Coworking facilities

Instead of long hours video conferencing, innovative firms can book out meeting rooms for the day. Coworking spaces can help employers strike the right balance between workplace flexibility, professionalism, and employee interaction, replacing countless hours of online meetings.

Low cost

This flexibility can also help with business overhead costs and high office rents close to the city.

Traditional leases of office space can be rigid and require long-term contracts, coworking is cheaper and can be used as and when needed.
Centrally located.

Many coworking spaces are in central locations, designed to be easy to commute to and close to buzzing parts of a city, this can provide further flexibility in lower commute time.

Social aspects

For many, coworking is the perfect opportunity to network and socialize, for those who are working within teams smaller than 10 people, it can be challenging to network, coworking provides a space where like-minded individuals can meet and collaborate.

A professional environment

Coworking facilities can help maintain a professional edge to your business dealings, this can be beneficial for start-ups with small teams, particularly in-startups where teams can be no larger than five people. Having meetings with your clients and pitches with investors in an office setting with business professionals can add a professional to your startup, whereas coffee shops and cafes can be chaotic and noisy.

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About the author

Alex is the co-founder and Managing Director of The Wheelhouse.