The best apps to eliminate distractions

Boost productivity

It can be easy for your mind to wander when working, or to get distracted with your phone or whilst on the internet but were you aware that there are multiple apps that can help you get back to help with distractions and procrastination?

Here are some of the best ones to help you get back on track and fight the urge to procrastinate!


This program is designed to keep users from the internet for short periods (this can be for an hour or even up to 8 hours) designed to help you with distractions, and allowing for allocated time to write, analyse or create.

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Designed to be downloaded on your phone, Focus works by allowing users to customize how they want to receive notifications and when. This app works best for those who can easily get distracted by incoming alerts and messages, Focus helps, well sustain focus!

You can find out more about the app or download it here.

Cold Turkey

Designed to block websites so that you can focus on work or a deadline. You can use Cold Turkey to block the sites that you specify and can also block apps on your phone or table to help further eliminate distractions. You are even able to set out a schedule of which time you wish certain sites are blocked.

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One of the more interesting ones, Forest helps users beat phone addiction and helps with time management in a more innovative way. It works by users opening the app and ‘planting a tree’, you then put your phone down and if you use another app within 25 minutes your tree dies. Over time, you are able to grow a ‘forest’. A reminder of all the times you successfully spent time getting things. Users are also able to plant real trees in the paid version of the app.

Find out more about Forest here.

Off the grid

Off the grid locks your phone to help stop you from getting distracting, it also includes a custom auto-reply feature to let those who have messaged you know that you are ‘off the grid’.

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